Calling All Parents New to The Industry & Those who wish to know more!You are invited to attend a talk intended to help you better understand the workings of the Industry.Former international mode...
ModelAct Workshop - Calling All Parents
March 11, 2020
Modelling/Acting/Confidence Building Virtual WorkshopPowerful women in fashion & film raising the bar, paying it forward, by empowering individuals, equipping them with the ultimate tools of maste...
ModelAct - Virtual Workshop
March 11, 2020
Sir Richard Branson famously once said that “A company is a group of people “Here at Martez MULTI Management we go by this saying. Every individual plays an integral part to the agency’s success. Plea...
Meet the MMM team
September 24, 2019
Like a river meandering round a bend, gaining momentum as its arteries meet, rushing into a waterfall, ebbing out and gaining momentum again, so the modelling and entertainment industry nudges, throws...
If You Want to Make a Success of Your Career
August 19, 2019
Our Aimee at Biathle and Triathle World Championships
February 09, 2018
Blouwyn Feature Film
February 21, 2018
Public Image Rebirthed!
June 06, 2018
News Flash! Sam Pegg is in the House!
June 06, 2018
ACT & MMM - Invest in Your Craft
June 22, 2018
MMM Management Scholarship
June 22, 2018
Talk the Talk
June 30, 2018
Living The Dream Against All Odds
July 18, 2018
What a Man!
July 28, 2018
Fashion to Film - "Imagine" a "Love Affair"
August 05, 2018
Celebrating those who've worked in Stills and work on their portfolios through Creative Collaborations.
Input Equals Output!
May 10, 2020
COVID-19... The world turned upside down, inside out - OVERNIGHT.Our beautiful industry took one of the hardest knocks; companies, suppliers, artistes, crew... robbed of a proper Season, robbed of the...
Surviving COVID-19
July 15, 2020