July 15, 2020

COVID-19... The world turned upside down, inside out - OVERNIGHT.

Our beautiful industry took one of the hardest knocks; companies, suppliers, artistes, crew... robbed of a proper Season, robbed of their savings to try and survive Winter into the upcoming Season... if and when that may be.

BUT, we are a resilient bunch!

We are Creatives.

We dare to dream.

We look at the glass half full, we find ways to grow, to learn, to evolve to serve, to UNIFY.

Beat The Curve, a truly beautiful concept thought out and directed by Bruce Macdonald from Boomtown Films, was an exceptional project to be involved in. Our MMM talent jumped on board, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to be on set, to work with some of the best our industry has to offer and to help show the world that remote shoots are possible, that we can and will continue producing, performing, serving both The Arts and humanity, against all odds.

We are so proud of this gem of a project, that highlights kindness to others by wearing a mask, washing our hands, practicing social distancing and striving to Beat The Curve!

This beautiful film is raking up official selections at film festivals, so watch this space.

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Be safe, Be Kind, Live your best Life.