About MMM

Over thirty years of modelling and acting experience in South Africa and abroad, along with sharing my experiences and expertise as a model and actor coach, it seemed fitting to start an agency. MMM began as a boutique model agency called Martez Model Management in August 2013.

Through overwhelming support from the industry, we grew leaps and bounds, with our models and talent booking television commercials, fashion shows and photographic campaigns.

2016 saw an interesting development when we took on board all Public Image talent. It was a monumental moment when Natalie Stevens entrusted us with her baby of almost forty years. Her focus had been commercial talent and actors. We had a small pool of actors who were also models at the time. Since the merging of talent, our actor pool grew, affording us the opportunity of breaking into the world of film, TV, radio and stage. Having experience as an actress and producing a documentary and a few short films, it’s been wonderful seeing this section grow. It’s added value by further complementing our offering of gorgeous and talented individuals.

Change fuels creativity and attracts more change. It wasn’t long before industry creatives asked if they could find a home for themselves at MMM, and soon social media influencers followed suit.

In an ever evolving industry, it’s paramount to stay on top of your game and it is therefore essential to treat your career as a business.

Being a model and actress for many years, has given me insight into the workings of the industry, both in front of and behind the camera, creating a perfect foundation to develop models and actors of all ages. Training is open to all models and actors throughout the industry.

At MMM, attention is given to ensure that my models, actors and talent present a complete package of professionalism, confidence, versatility and a positive attitude, whether casting or on set.

MMM Academy

Having had the privilege to work with some of the top casting directors, photographers, directors and prestigious clients globally, I have gained invaluable insight of what is required to book the job and deliver above expectation, thus ensuring repeat bookings.

Too many models are missing out on great opportunities, because of lack of industry know-how. By adding to their skill-set and grooming them to hit the scene with a bang, rather than filtering onto the scene, could see the beginnings of a more professional and cost-effective industry trend.

The saying “Beauty comes from within” encapsulates my approach to coaching. Who you are, will project in your work.

The days of being a model without any form of acting training, are over. Actors and models are often pooled together at castings, and each discipline has its advantages.

Models who have the ability to transform themselves by projecting real emotions and being able to react to another’s performance, have that additional edge over their competitors.

On the flip side, actors can become stuck in the way they project and need “the switch to flip again” to deliver fresh performances.

Feedback from students:

"I'm so grateful for all I've learned in the courses I've done with Martez over the last few years. I had only done a few Adverts as an extra, but wanted the real acting roles, so I started with her "Casting for Commercials" course at ACT Cape Town. It was amazing to see what I was doing wrong & get the best guidance to improve my skills so much to book many jobs. With the success I was having from what I learned, I joined more of her acting courses to refine my skills in dialogue & Scene Study. These courses helped me so much & totally transformed what I was doing to help me land 35 roles & counting in TV series, TV Commercials, Docu-Dramas & Feature Films. Martez has a way of getting the performance out of you even when you think you could never do it. I'm truly grateful for all she has taught me."
~ Ant Latimer, Actor with ERM

“Martez has extensive experience in the model and commercial industry and in recent years she has ventured into acting. We both attended a film acting course presented by filmmaker, Bonnie Rodini at ACT in 2006. Since then, she has co-founded SAMDB and also become more involved with independent film projects. I attended her Fighting for Film course last year (fighting technique for actors) and found her passionately dedicated, professional and exuding a genuine interest in every student. Newcomers to the industry, would indeed have a sound mentor in Martez Saporta. “
~ Adri vanderHoven, Actress with Artists One

“Upon meeting Martez, I had the impression that she might be a difficult woman that expected the world of me, expecting me to know everything about how to act, even though we had never met and it being my very first "acting lesson". Needless to say, just how wrong I was in my assumption of her. She has the most amazing warm and kind heart that made me feel comfortable to try even when I felt stupid. I felt accepted and working in that environment made me thrive. I felt like she genuinely cared. Somewhat like a mother figure, she helped me to build confidence and gave me hope that I could be better. I was on my second lesson when I learned that I had booked my very first World Wide Commercial for Aquafresh. She is a wonderful person and an even better coach, well worth the investment.”
~ Lisa-Maria Jaftha, Model with Fusion Model Management